E3 07: Super Mario Galaxy levels revealed

Mario Kart Wii was an awesome revelation, Metroid still looks amazing and we're sure Wii Fit will be huge, but when Nintendo opened the floodgates to its playable games at this year's E3 we had our minds set on one game - Super Mario Galaxy.

Every time Nintendo shows more of this game it looks even more incredible, and this year's E3 showing was no different. In fact, we got more than we'd bargained for, with not only new levels shown but all-new powers and gameplay mechanics, too.

Everything in Galaxy looks awesome, but the most exciting of all the revelations this week is the introduction (or should we say re-introduction) of power-enhancing suits. Paying homage to the classic days of Super Mario Bros. 3, Mario is able to wear suits that give him new powers never seen before in a Mario game.

We've had a good poke around the Honey Bee World - a lush green place with grassy areas, picturesque streams of water and, of course, giant bees, all set on a huge mass of land equal to those in Super Mario 64 (so it's not all small rocks in a black sky).

You must have seen thetrailer by now (if not you're FIRED); how awesome is Bee Mario? Not only does he don a look that rivals Frog suit and Tanuki suit Mario's in the ultra-cool stakes, but he gets a bunch of new powers.

As normal Mario, you have to find and collect a giant gold coin to make a yellow and brown striped mushroom appear elsewhere. Grab that and you transform into Bee Mario.