E3 07: Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway shots

Here's a ten-strong squad of new shots for Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway, Gearbox's third WWII shooter to hit consoles and PC. This time, its squad-strategy action will be centred on Operation Market Garden, the allied push to secure a series of bridges in the Netherlands in 1944.

Hell's Highway will hand you new unit types to boss around - crews dedicated especially to laying down fire, bazooka crews to obliterate buildings and Nazi armor, and long-distance mortar crews.

Above: That's either a mortar round, or someone's reaction to the E3 Killzone PS3 trailer

Operation Market Garden wasn't exactly a howling success, but that's never the point of Brothers in Arms games - they treat WWII situations with a more measured and intimate tack than your typical rollercoaster of dirt and camera shudders.

Not that we won't be getting plenty to gawk at, of course. See thenew screens for more details.

July 12, 2007