E3 06: Wii Zapper uncovered!

Nintendo seems to be getting very forgetful in its old age. For after neglecting to mention to anyone about the existence of its classic version of the Wii controller, this shooter-shaped prototype turned up on the Big N's stand unannounced, unheralded and un-promoted too.

Locked in a case and seemingly fashioned from both the Wii-mote and the nunchaku controller, the device appears to have already been dubbed The Zapper after the old NES lightgun. And while we weren't able to get our hands on it without alerting the LAPD again, we can see an obvious point to the device - to possibly allow you to play games like Red Steel one-handed.

Above: To press the trigger of the analogue part, you'll need to stick your finger through the hole in the side of the barrel

We'd love to tell you all about the device, but so far there is no detail beyond its name and the fact that it is "work in progress." What we'd really like to know at the moment is whether it is just a casing that the existing Wii-mote and nunchaku controller will plug into or a whole new unit, but at the moment we can't collar anyone who either knows or will comment on such things.

So while we're investigating further, head back to the front page for more news straight from the floor of E3.

May 12, 2006