E3 06: Wii gets WarioWare

Nintendo has announced WarioWare: Smooth Moves, another in the amazing minigame series, this time for Wii.

Smooth Moves will have over 200 completely new and completely nuts minigames which all make use of the Wii remote. Players will have to move the remote in unique ways to complete the bite-sized challenges and progress through the game.

The new movements will include spinning, scribbling, slicing, flailing and - from the looks of the Nintendo pre-E3 press conference footage - using the controller like a hand pump.

The premise behind the game has Wario discovering a new device called a Form Baton which helps him discover a new dimension to his array of fiendish minigames.

Just like Wario Ware Inc: Mega Party Games for GameCube we expect Smooth Moves to be a multiplayer game but it hasn't been confirmed just how many gamers will be able to get involved at one time.

May 10, 2006