E3 06: Mortal Kombat: Armageddon

We've got a lovely two-minute video montage of the Mortal Kombat to literally end all Mortal Kombat games - the forthcoming Armageddon. The brawler ties up loose ends from over a decade of fighting games and brings the series' plot to an end; it's due in October.

Midway's giving gamers everything they've ever wanted in the final game: a fighter creator which lets you piece together famous fighting moves into your own personal style, a single-player Konquest mode (which has been shortened and made more dense), freestyle Fatalities, stage-specific deathtraps and oh yeah, every MK fighter that's ever appeared in an MK game-nearly 60 characters - now trotted out one last time and in full 3D.

Check out all of the above in our tasty video - click on the Movies tab above.

May 11, 2006