E3 06: Gears of War shapes up

Microsoft has released a new gameplay video and shots of Gears of War, its dynamic new shoot-'em-up for Xbox 360.

The new video shows how the use of cover is vital for surviving any confrontation with the Locust Horder - a race of creatures that have emerged from the center of the Earth with the destruction of mankind firmly on their agenda.

The footage also illustrates the incredible detail in the design of Marcus Fenix, the lantern jawed war hero that is leading the human assault on the Locust Horde. With the action presented from a third-person perspective, you will be able to appreciate the convincing animation and intricate design that has been put into his character model.

In the collection of new pictures, there's a lovely shot of the Delta squad - the team of battle hardened soldiers Fenix will lead into the fight. The game has been designed to support cooperative play, but if you can't find any teammates, your squad has been blessed with sophisticated AI, meaning your soldiers will make decisions sensibly and take orders effectively.

What really stands out in the group shot, though, is their choice footwear - now those are some very large boots.

Microsoft sees this as an important game for 360 and used the demo to open its pre-E3 press conference earlier this week. It will be hoping that the HD definition visuals and explosive gameplay will make the shooter stand out from the countless other games that seem to be set in bombed-out cites.

May 11, 2006