E3 06: Enemy Territory: Quake Wars hands-on

Mere hours ago we were thrown headfirst into a 24 man round of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars... and we're still reeling from the experience. Our initial fear that Quake Wars would feel sparse and under populated, especially next to the insaneness of 64-player Battlefield 2, have been utterly blown away.

Quake Wars gripped us by the throat with its tightly focused and superbly fast-paced action, which meant we were never far from slugging a bullet into an enemy's head. The level we played started with the Global Defence Force assaulting Strogg-held territory, beginning with an objective that demanded we build a bridge. Each level is angled towards a set of objectives that really give the matches direction and purpose, thrusting everyone into a single pocket of action and creating some seriously hairy moments.