E3 06: Elebits

Today, Konami's first Wii game was unveiled in... minor detail. The quirky game, called Elebits, stars a race of tiny magical creatures of the same name. They just happen to look a lot like overweight Pikmin... which might be a coincidence. These strange little creatures provide all of the power in the game's world - no gasoline price hikes, no power plants.

The problem, though, is that the Elebits decide to go on strike. Your job is to try and convince them to get back to work. Just how you do that isn't exactly obvious, just yet. The demo movie shown at Nintendo's press conference detailed a lot of objects being lifted by some sort of power. At the Konami press conference, we were told that you will be able to move, lift and look inside all sorts of different things. Apparently, hide and seek was a big inspiration for the game. The developers want to make it feel like you, yourself are in the screen and controlling the game world directly. We'll find out if it truly feels that way when we get a chance to play it on the show floor.

May 10, 2006