Dying Light's April Fools DLC lets you punch zombies into space

Dying Light is getting some one-day-only April Fools DLC, focusing mainly on the ability to punch zombies so hard they briefly discover the joys of flight.

Billed as "something unusual" the 24 hour undead freak out is being explained as some contaminated Antizin (the in-game anti-viral that stops you going full zombie). The side effects will include things like uncontrollable violence, excessive strength and persistent muscle tension, but what it really means is that you can kick zombies into a low grade orbit. They fly! They explode! If they don't like it there's not enough left to complain!

Here's the official 'release' explaining away the impending chaos:

Something unusual is going to happen in the world of Dying Light tomorrow that will radically change the game experience for one day only. In an emergency broadcast, the Global Relief Effort has urged the survivors of Harran to use extreme caution when handling Antizin injections. The latest batch of Antizin has been exposed to a foreign contaminant. The chemical in question is non-toxic, but anyone affected might experience odd side-effects for up to 24 hours. “All undelivered Antizin crates have been destroyed, and we would like to assure the survivors that untainted drops will resume as of April 2nd. We urge all the survivors to use extreme care when exhibiting symptoms of the contaminated Antizin injections.” – says Hudson Jenkins, spokesman for the GRE.

Should be fun. Unless you're a zombie. Then it won't be be at all.

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