Dying Light Switch port seemingly leaked

Dying Light
(Image credit: Techland)

If a leaked image is to be believed, Dying Light is making its way to Switch for the first time.

Polish gaming publication PPE reports that Dying Light: Platinum Edition is headed to Switch in October with a $50 price tag. Apparently, a reader going by Graczdari works for a retailer with early access to the promotional material and shared the below image with PPE (thanks, Nintendo Everything).

(Image credit: Techland/PPE)

While we're still waiting from Techland and Nintendo for confirmation (we've emailed the studio and have yet to hear back), the leaked image does look fairly legit. There aren't any glaring spelling or grammar errors, and the aesthetic matches with established Techland marketing. On the other hand, it wouldn't be a hard thing to fake either. The descriptions in the image are ripped verbatim from existing product pages for Dying Light: Platinum Edition without a whole lot of new text for the Switch version. At the bottom, there's an addendum listing some Dying Light 2 Switch features like HD rumble, gyro aiming, motion controls, and touchscreen capabilities, but that's it.

If the leak is genuine, Switch players can look forward to Dying Light's base game as well as the four major expansions and a whopping 17 skin bundles. Furthermore, boxed editions of Dying Light: Platinum Edition on Switch will reportedly include extra goodies including a map of the Slums and Old Town, a survival guide, and stickers. It's unclear from the image whether the physical copies will cost more to account for the collector's items, but it would make sense for that to be the case.

Of course, this rumor has surfaced just months ahead of the long-anticipated and twice-delayed Dying Light 2, which launches on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC on December 7. We recently sat down with Techland to chat about all the different stages of infection and enemy types you'll encounter in Dying Light 2, so definitely check that out if you're looking forward to the sequel.

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