Dying Light stats prove dropkicking zombies is 62 percent more common than beheading them

It's been a year and eight months since Dying Light first brought its unique blend of parkour and the undead to PS4 and Xbox One, and seven months since standalone expansion The Following gave us a new region to explore. So what have players been up to in that time? A whole lot of running, climbing, exploding, and zombie slaughter, going by this newly-released stats video:

My favorite numbers of the lot: 303,105,714 beheadings and 490,847,796 dropkicks. I would think that logically, you'd opt to behead a zombie rather than kick one, as the former ensures that he won't be getting back up. Still, I suppose pulling off a decapitation is fairly difficult, and dropkicks are pretty sweet, making them a very enticing move to pull off. Yeah, I can see it.

Developer Techland's most recent project was Dead Island: Definitive Edition, though reports suggest the studio is working on at least two new games, one of which may be Dying Light 2. Maybe months after that sequel comes out we'll see a similar video, but with piledrivers added in? One can dream.

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Sam Prell

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