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Dying Light: The Following mutates 'Be the Zombie' mode

Mankind has rediscovered the fearsome might of a tricked out automobile in Dying Light: The Following, which means a whole new set of challenges for the Night Hunters trying to kill them. Techland is preparing a revised version of Dying Light's 4-against-1 competitive multiplayer "Be the Zombie" mode, and the studio offered up a first look in the video below.

The Night Hunter will have a tougher time staying up high and splitting up the humans away from the narrow streets of Harran, and those electrified buggies they're driving just look meanspirited. But Techland says the fearsome alpha-zombie has received a few tweaks for the expansion to keep it competitive, so you'd better not miss once you slam the pedal down.

Aside from "Be the Zombie Mode," The Following also adds a new, extra-tough difficulty setting, bounties, and a new storyline full of creepy masked cultists. It will be released on February 9 as part of the season pass, or on its own for £15.99/$19.99.

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