Dying Light 2 roadmap reveals crossovers with For Honor, Vampire: The Masquerade, and more

Dying Light 2
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Developer Techland has shared a content roadmap, detailing everything coming to the open-world zombie smash ‘em up Dying Light 2

Techland’s roadmap outlines the new content coming this autumn and winter, and while it doesn’t divulge anything too specific, there are some quite exciting teases ahead. Shared on the website once known as Twitter, the studio revealed that new missions, co-op missions, board quests, and anomalies are coming to Dying Light 2. That’s all in addition to more weapons, enemy variants, mod support, and a new difficulty option called Nightmare. There’s also the mention of something called Tower Raid, which hopefully uses the game’s very fun parkour moves.

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The more exciting additions are the upcoming events, though. One planned event near Halloween will cross Dying Light 2 over with Vampire: The Masquerade, which might make the wait for a Bloodlines sequel a little more bearable. The second crossover event, coming this winter, is a joint effort with Ubisoft’s multiplayer battler For Honor - I’m imagining medieval equipment thrown into the zombie apocalypse. There’ll also be your standard events for Halloween, Christmas, and the game’s second full anniversary. 

We already had good things to say about Dying Light 2 in our review, but the game has steadily been improving since then. Last year, the game’s tough new parkour challenges supplemented an excellent endgame. Techland then overhauled the combat and gear system this April. And most recently, an update added a feature that was first shown off in a trailer years ago.

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