Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach

Would EverQuest and World of Warcraft exist as we know them today without the groundwork laid by Dungeons & Dragons? Not likely. Instead of slaying giant, flying reptiles with chronic halitosis, we'd probably still be stuck playing some retread version of cowboys and Indians, and dying of dysentery. Since 1974, D&D has introduced the world to fantasy role-playing games. But it's only now that the genre grandfather has its own persistent online game in the works; Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach.

Developers Turbine Studios set the D&D Online universe in the newest campaign setting: Eberron, a world drenched in action, adventure and magic. The game uses a version of the 3.5 D&D rules, a unique take on the best of the pen-and-paper formula adapted with new elements that keep its online cousin fast-paced and fun. Thirty years of D&D history offers you familiar and iconic races, classes and spells that will help you face down a similarly deep and storied bestiary.

The entire game takes place within the city of Stormreach, split into six wards that contain instanced dungeons, so your quests will be unique to you and your party. Initially, you can go solo and complete many of the adventures alone, but that won’t last long. Teamplay is a central part of success (and fun) in D&D Online, just like it was in your parents’ basement. Robust voice support in the game means you’ll find it easy to hook up with old and new friends via headsets.