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Dungeons And Dragons review

Once upon a time, a pony-tailed nerd named Gary Gygax invented a Tolkien-inspired fantasy role-playing game, in which players could wander their collective imagination as fighters, thieves, dwarfs and elves. Now this hugely successful game has been transformed into... well... a hugely silly movie.

Ditch any memories of that old cartoon of the same title, this is silliness of a different kind. From its kiddie-aimed wise-crackin' cast (including Scary Movie's Marlon Wayans) to its sub-Xena special effects and childish script, D&D is supreme swords `n' sorcery clag.

It's tough to pick the most ludicrous moment, but it must be a tie between Jeremy Irons' eyebrow acting, Richard O'Brien's camp cameo and hamtastic goon Bruce Payne's utterance: ""Just like you thieves - - always taking things that don't belong to you!"". This is Hawk The Slayer with CG effects, and takes itself seriously enough to be truly hilarious.

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