Dungeon Siege II: Broken World

We have some good news and some bad news for Dungeon Siege fans. First, the good news: the action role-player will be even hackier and slashier, thanks to the Broken World expansion pack due out this summer. But fans may want to get their fill before much-maligned director Uwe Boll gets hold of the franchise and releases two movies based on DS this year. That part was most definitely the bad news.

This expansion will offer players about 10 more hours of dungeon-crawling in a search to set things right (it's all your fault, by the way). In our preview of the expansion we saw action just as frenetic as the original offered, but also tougher.

You'll need to be at least level 35 to ride this sequel, which means that you'll likely need to finish Dungeon Siege II. Players can import and export their characters to the expansion and back again after they are done. You'll likely have some extremely potent characters on your hands when ported back for multiplayer festivities.

What else will the expansion offer? Well, fancy fresh loot andcrazy-big enemies; that's what you came for, right? Some of the baddiesyou'll go up against have trouble even fitting onto your screen.

The expansionalso brings an improvement on multi-classing with the introduction of the "Fists of Stone," a monk-like class that specializes in close-quarters combat. You'll be able toslapnew classes onto your existing character for an expanded skill set. For the courageous kill-them-from-a-distance players, the "Blood Assassin" joins the party, a ranger that uses death magic to crush his foes. Or, you know, hers; ours is an equal opportunity dungeon.

For fans of the series, this expansion looks like a treat, and the game makers have already hinted at a reunion of nearly all of the characters from the original two games. Can we just off evil hell-spawn Uwe Boll as a final boss? That's probably not in the cards, but we've already RSVP'd for this adventure party, anyways.