Driv3r - new screens

ON: PS2, Xbox, PC - OUT: June (PS2, Xbox), end of year (PC)

THE PITCH: Carrying on the action-adventure driving series, Driv3r promises to be the best yet - by far. Once more you play under-cover take-no-prisoners-cop Tanner but now you play alongside a partner, Tobias, and you'll play as him on some of the missions. Your case involves cracking a global car-stealing ring by any means possible. Yep, that works for us.


  • Acting and scriptwriting talent from the film industry that includes Michael Madsen (Tanner), Mickey Rourke, Ving Rhames (Tobias) and Michelle Rodriguez.
  • Three huge cities - Miami, Nice and Istanbul - with more than 30,000 buildings
  • More than 150 miles of major roads and city streets and 50 controllable vehicles - including cars, motorbikes, boats, mopeds and fully articulated 18 wheelers
  • Photo-realistic graphics (indoor and outdoor), destructible environments, complete destruction car models
  • A strong narrative fleshed out with around an hour of FMV, multiple paths to solve missions and a Film Director function (save and direct your own car chases)
  • THE BUZZ: The series has always promised much and Driv3r looks to be the one that can actually deliver the goods. Fingers crossed, it will.