Drink Drank Drunk review

When young chef Michael's (Daniel Wu) Hong Kong restaurant hits the pan, he finds respite in the bottle. Then, during a night on the soak, he meets alcohol-immune Siu-Man (Miriam Yeung). She, improbably, lets him stay over and - after he's emptied his guts into her sink - love blossoms. But there's a hitch. In director Derek Yee's world, men only ever say "I love you" when drunk. They also use the lamest chat-up lines ("You're like an SUV: a bit old, but with all the functions"). Siu-Man wants a man who'll appreciate her even when he's not paralytic, but can Michael prove himself when sober?

With comic-strip overacting steamrolling any genuine emotion, it's very hard to care. From their exaggerated performances, Yee seems to have had his entire cast on a Stella drip, yet not even beer goggles could save this lightweight rom-com.

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