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Drake, Kratos, Niko actors dress up for Entertainment Weekly

As a gamer, you might think it's blasphemousto shunt three prominent, beloved characters into one remote-seeming entry. But you won't care once you see the page, which features an amazing photo of the characters' voice actors - Nolan North, T.C. Carson and Michael Hollick - dressed as microphone-wielding versions oftheir respective roles in front of a green screen.

Above: Yeah, our version's kinda low-res. Want a better one? Pick up a copy of the magazine

The full page also features short bios on each actor, along with a little commentary on how they view their characters. We wouldn't normally shill for another publishers' magazine, but the issue's worth picking up just for this page alone - and the rest of the list isn't a bad read, either, regardless of whether you actuallyagree with any of it (opens in new tab).

Jun 2, 2010

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