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Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker Hints

  • DS | Submitted by fatecaster666

    Find a King Slime in the Afternoon

    In the afternoon at the top of the mountain where you first made the scouts pledge there is a king slime there but if you're there at a wrong time the king slime wont be there.

  • DS | Submitted by joker ACF

    Black Dragon

    Fuse a Great Dragon and Bone Baron to get Black Dragon.

  • DS | Submitted by joker ACF


    Fuse a Drakulard and Great Dragon.

  • DS | Submitted by Dude0516

    Metal Slimes in Garden Challenge

    Madam Rummy's Garden Challenge

    Sometimes, in the garden challenge you'll run into a metal slime. I mean you see it before a battle, like in the Metal Merangerie.

  • DS | Submitted by somebody

    Great Dragon

    To get a Great Dragon you have to synthesize a Dragon-type Monster with an A ranked monster.

  • DS | Submitted by cock-a-doodle-lou


    it simple just synthesize a Living Statue with a Demon at Arms and you have a Malroth.

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker Unlockables

  • DS | Submitted by Anonymous

    Favorite Combinations

    Buffalogre + Wild slime = Mohawker: rank A
    Gigantes + Moosifier = Atlas: rank S
    Drakularge + Atlas = Drakulard: rank S
    Tortured Soul + King Slime = Wight King

  • DS | Submitted by dark hunter 666

    Get Rare Monsters

    commissioners room

    to get

    Metal King Slime: get 100 skills in library

    Metal Kaiser Slime: get 150 skills in library

    Leopold: collect all skills in library

    Liquid Metal Slime: get 100 monsters in the library

    Grandpa Slime: get 200 monsters in library

    Emperya: get all monsters in library (except Leopold and Emperya)

    after you finish both the man gives you a Robbin'hood. The woman gives you a Trode.