Dragon Blade - hands-on

The level we got to play takes place in a sort of Forbidden City-meets-Ewok Village setting. A series of Chinese temples tower over the unknown abyss below, conveniently connected by a series of wood-and-rope bridges set against the twilight sky. We're told Dragon Blade is aiming for this sort of Asian-inspired mythology in an effort to separate itself from the glut of medieval European games on the market. Based purely on the landscape, we'd say they're doing a good job of it, but that enthusiasm gives way to mild confusion after the fifteenth Minotaur that charges after you. Greek mythology or cross-cultural force of globalization on par with McDonalds and Coca-Cola? That's for the Minotaur to decide.

When it comes to original Wii games that make ambitious use of the remote's potential, we'll take what we can get; but if Dragon Blade winds up having an interesting story and enough combat variety to hold our interest over the entire campaign, this could be a lot more than just "take what you can get" material.