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Dragon Age: Origins level only on PC Gamer DVD

Planning on picking up a copy of Dragon Age: Origins for PC? You’ll want to pick up the latest issue of PC Gamer while you’re at it. That’s because the disc included with the Holiday issue of PC Gamer will feature an exclusive quest line that BioWare put together just for their readers. Titled A Tale of Orzammar, the quest is actually part of the story, extending the lore in a surprising way. And it’s only on the PC Gamer DVD!

Above: The Holiday issue of PC Gamer will hit newsstands on November 10. Subscribers should begin receiving their copies later this week

Of course, you’ll also find the best reviews, most informative previews, and fun features you can expect in every issue of PC Gamer. So please, check out the Holiday issue for some cool extra Dragon Age: Origins content before PC Gamer’s Editor in Chief Gary Steinman comes over here and kicks us in the nuts. Because if you don’t pick up the Holiday issue of PC Gamer, Gary Steinman totally will - kick us in the nuts, that is.

Oct 26, 2009