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Dragon Age II pre-order bonuses detailed

The sequel to Bioware's smash fantasy hit is coming out in mere weeks now,and you know what that means... awww, yeah, it's time for the pre-order bonus announcement!

EA just confirmed that anyone who pre-orders Dragon Age II for the Xbox 360, PS3, or PC will be eligible to download two exclusive weapons for free, offering an edge before the quest even begins. This applies to everyone who has already pre-ordered as well as anyone who takes the plunge between now and the day before the game's launch date, March 8th.

So enough with the suspense. What exactly are these bonus weapons? Here's the descriptions directly from the EA horse's mouth:

The Fadeshear

The core of this blade is old, as old as the first smiths who sought a way to battle the nightmares from the land beyond. It has fought the demonic hosts in countless battles. Sometimes it has been held high in triumphant victory. Other times, it has lain broken besides its dying owner. But after every defeat it has always been reclaimed, reforged, and made stronger. Fadeshear has passed through many hands before yours. Now it is your turn to make the demons of the Fade pay for crossing the Veil into the waking world.

  • Improves with level-up
  • Additional damage versus demons and undead

The Lion of Orlais

At the height of the Summer War all of Orlais was embroiled in fierce battles. Over the course of the war dozens of contenders for the Imperial Throne emerged – most long forgotten except as footnotes in scholarly tomes. But everyone remembers the gallant young lord Emile Deveraux, “The Golden Prince.” Thought outnumbered at every turn, he racked victory upon victory culminating in the Seventh Battle of Roses. While wearing this shield he broke through his uncle’s vanguard to win the day. He never knew the taste of defeat, instead meeting his end at the hands of a jealous lover in the dead of night.

  • Two rune slots
  • Adds to health
  • Adds to % XP gain

Cool and stuff, but what if you're too lazy or cash-strapped to plunk down for a pre-order now? Well, you'll still get a little something extra as long as you buy a new copy of the game. Sorry, pre-owned buyers... you're sort of at the low end of most publishers' BFF lists...

Buy a new copy of the game and you'll get a code redeemable for access to a location called The Black Emporium, which EA describes thusly:

"Come one, come all to the Black Emporium! There, nestled deep under Kirkwall, you'll find a curious collection of items, some for sale, some for free and ranging from the mundane to the mysterious! One artifact can even transform your very body, face, hair, eyes—all new! We've even granted you your very own mabari war hound to call to your side with a whistle—a boon in battle and a beloved pet at home. Visit the Black Emporium today, and you’ll be the envy of adventurers everywhere! Once you’ve escaped imminent danger, return home. Your invitation awaits!"

Above: A marabi war hound

So what are you waiting for? Get your pre-order on!

Jan 12, 2011

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