Dragon Age II party armor upgrades and gift locations


Armor Upgrades

Silver-Threaded Dalish Embroidey

This piece can be found in Sundermount, during the second Act, near the top of the mountain. That’s right, past the mountain graveyard, past the spooky spiders, and all the way to the top.

Carved Ironwood Buttons
This piece of armor can be bought in Sundermount at IIlen’s Craft Shop also during Act 2.

Samite Lining
This can be found during the second Act at Robes by Jean Luc in Hightown.

Halla Horn Buckles
During the “A New Path” mission in Act 3, this can be looted after the battle with the Pride Demon.


Sylvanwood Ring
During Act 3 in the mission “A Murder of Crows,” you will head to Sundermount. When you arrive, you will almost immediately be attacked by thiefs. When you have dispatched them, search the Thief Leader to find the ring.

Wooden Halla Carving
During Act 2, you can purchase this gift from IIlen’s Craft Shop in the Dalish camp.


Armor Upgrades

Lyrium Scales

These can be picked up from the Shady Merchandise Shop in the Docks during Act 2.

Tevinter Spirit Symbol

Visit Robes by Jean Luc in Hightown during Act 2 to find this.

Reinforced Straps

During the “A Bitter Pill” mission, you can find this in the Abandoned Slaver’s Den, during Act 2. Once you speak to the elf and nab the Tevinter Amulet from the chest, head to the west room to find the armor piece.

Enchanted Resin

After you defeat the big baddie in the “Mine Massacre” quest in the Bone Pit, you can loot the beasts body for this.


Blade of Mercy

During the mission “Best Served Cold,” you will be able to find this in the Secret Meeting Place after you run into Keran. Once the conversation is over, grab the sword from the chest there.

A Slaves Life

The second gift can be picked out of a sack in the Elven Alienage in Lowtown during the nighttime.


Armor Upgrades

UnderpaddingGuardsman Pattern

This can be picked up at the Armor Merchants Shop during Act 1 in Lowtown.

Flex-ChainGuardsman Pattern

This can be garnered from looting Fell Orden during the “Raiders on the Cliffs” mission which can be started by visiting the southern section of the Wounded Coast during Act 2.

Impact Plating Guardsman Pattern

This too can be picked up from the Armor Merchants shop in Lowtown, during Act 2 this time however.

Deflecting Joints

This final piece can be found during the “Fault and Favor” mission in Act 3.To get this mission, you will have needed to have completed Aveline’s Act 1 companion mission “The Way it Should Be.” When you complete “fault and Favor,” search Jeven for the final armor upgrade.


Shield of the Knight Herself

Aveline’s gift can be located in Ser Varnell’s Refuge during the “Offered and Lost” mission. After you speak with the Viscount, nab the shield from the crate in the southeast of the map.


Armor Upgrades

Lyrium Weave

The first piece can be found in the Mages Goods shop in the Gallows during Act 2.

Armor Struts

This can be picked up from Lirene’s Fereldan Imports in Lowtown during Act 2.

Spirit Essence

Once “Blackpowder Courtesy” is completed in the second Act, you can find this piece during the “Dissent” mission in the Gallows Dungeon.

Sigil of the Mage

After your run in with Keran during “Best Served Cold,” you can find the final piece in a chest in the Northwest room before leaving the Dungeon.


Tevinter Amulet

Ander’s one and only gift can be found in the Abandoned Slaver’s Den, during the mission “A Bitter Pill.”After you speak with the frightened Elf, it will be located in the chest in the center room.

March 22, 2011

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