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Dragon Age II gets yanked off Steam

Dragon Age II fans hoping to download Legacy, the firstDLCfor the game, were surprised to find that on Legacy's release date, Dragon Age II waspulled offof Steam.

This isn't the first time EA and Steam have clashed, and while we can't say definitively why Dragon Age II has disappeared, the reason is likely to have to do with EA's own download service, Origin.

Legacy is only available as an in-game download from EA and not from Steam's shop front, which could violate of Steam's latest terms of services. So while EA would like to be the only company allowed to sell its ownDLC, Steam refuses to compromise on what content will be available for its users.

It's a tough call to say who%26rsquo;s right, but easy to see that the only people really getting hurt by this are the game's fans.

Jul 27, 2011