Dragon Age 4 senior creative director has departed BioWare

Dragon Age 4
(Image credit: BioWare)

Dragon Age 4 senior creative director has departed developer BioWare.

As first reported by Kotaku yesterday on November 23, Matt Goldman, who served as senior creative director on the Dragon Age series at large since 2017, has left BioWare. "We have mutually agreed to part ways," said an internal email from BioWare general manager Gary McKay of Goldman's departure.

McKay's email goes on to recognize that Goldman's departure undoubtedly has an impact on Dragon Age 4's ongoing development, as well as on developers personally. Shortly after obtaining the internal email, publisher EA acknowledged Goldman's departure from BioWare in a statement to Kotaku.

Goldman actually first joined BioWare all the way back in 1998, working as an artist on Baldur's Gate, Jade Empire, and the first few Dragon Age games. After briefly hopping over to Ensemble, where he worked on Halo Wars 2 until 2017, Goldman returned to BioWare, and has taken up a senior role in the Dragon Age franchise ever since.

Dragon Age 4 was first unveiled all the way back in late 2018, and we've seen precious little from the game since. There have also been a raft of high profile departures, as the Dargon Age's executive producer and BioWare's general manager departed in late 2020, followed by Goldman now, nearly a year later in 2021. Last we heard, a report claimed Dragon Age 4 was targeting a 2023 release date, and will only come to PC and new-gen consoles, although none of this has ever been confirmed by BioWare.

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