Dragon Age 4 leak has fans theorizing about a new class system

Dragon Age 4 screenshot
(Image credit: EA)

Dragon Age 4 fans are all left speculating about a new class system after gameplay leaked online.

Yesterday on February 5, screenshots and footage of Dragon Age: Dreadwolf leaked online, depicting numerous new gameplay details. Eagle-eyed fans noticed in a character menu screenshot that the character's class seemingly has them as a "Grey Warden," a tiny detail that has huge implications for the sequel.

Over on the Dragon Age subreddit, fans are now theorizing what this detail means. One post hypothesizes that Dragon Age 4 could feature a similar class system to Dragon Age: Origins, in that you start the game as an established member of a faction, and that's your class, setting up the rest of the game as a member of said faction.

Elsewhere, another post reckons this new class system might incorporate four major factions of Dragon Age as a replacement for Dragon Age: Inquisition's class system. This user thinks the Gray Wardens, Antivan Crows, Tevinter Anti-Slavery Movement, and the Executors could form the four major class archetypes in the new game.

The leaked gameplay already depicts major changes from the Dragon Age games we know, including fast-paced real-time combat that's apparently been heavily influenced by 2018's God of War reboot. This shake-up of the established class system could be just another level to the new vision that BioWare has for the next game in the classic franchise.

Right now, Dragon Age: Dreadwolf is still without a release date, after years of development and high anticipation from fans.

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