Dragon Age 4 concept art teases the return of a group of assassins

Dragon Age 4
(Image credit: BioWare)

New Dragon Age 4 concept art has emerged online from a BioWare executive producer. 

Just below, you can see BioWare executive producer Christian Dailey apologizing to fans that the forthcoming Dragon Age 4 won't be appearing at EA Play later this month. Dailey mentions that the development team has their "heads down" and is "making great progress" on the sequel, while also adding the new concept art to accompany the statement.

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As Eurogamer notes, the elaborately-garbed character depicted in the new concept art from Dailey is in fact an Antivan Crow, which is confirmed by the group's emblem appearing in the bottom-right corner of the image. If you're unfamiliar with the group, they originally appeared in the first Dragon Age through the mysterious character Zevran.

The concept art could confirm the return of the Antivan Crows, who have been sidelined in spin-off comics and novels since the original Dragon Age. The group typically operate as assassins and thieves throughout the world of Thedas, and would certainly make for an intriguing friend or foe faction in the upcoming Dragon Age 4.

Nonetheless, the news that Dragon Age 4 wouldn't be making an appearance at the EA Play presentation later this month is a slight disappointment. Last month in June, an alpha file relating to BioWare's sequel was discovered on the PlayStation Store, leading fans to get their hopes up for the game being present at the showcase later this month.

So far, we've had smatterings of Dragon Age 4-related information over the course of 2021. At the very beginning of the year, Dailey teased a rendering of a fantastical-looking character with a bow, and later that same month, the setting of Tevinter for Dragon Age 4 was confirmed through a hefty book charting the course of BioWare's 25-year history as a game developer.

Less than a month later, a report claimed that Dragon Age 4 would be ditching its live-service elements. This decision was reportedly made after Anthem had a less-than-successful launch for BioWare, and it now appears as though the next Dragon Age game will be a strictly single-player affair.

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