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Dragon Age 2 romance guide


Race: Elf
Class: Warrior
Specialization: Tevinter Fugitive
Role: Two-handed damage dealer
Personality: Violent, Broody, Emo

As despicable as Fenris may seem, it’s important to remember that he’s a former slave with a tragic past. Does this justify him punching through the chest of anyone who crosses him? Well, that’s for you to decide. If he sounds like your cup of tea, we’ve got you covered.

Fenris’s life of ruthless servitude has made him understandably bitter towards mages of any kind, so he’ll often clash with Anders and Merrill. If you’re a pro-mage type of person, it’s better to leave him out of your party when taking on a mage ally’s companion quests.

Act 1

- Fenris is easily missable. Start things off by completing the “Bait and Switch” secondary quest during Act 1. To unlock that quest, read the letters at your desk after you’ve completed the “A Business Discussion” main plot quest.

Above: Kali-Ma!

- Completing the “Bait and Switch” quests grants Fenris his own mansion in Hightown where he’ll stay for the rest of the game.

- If you go back inside the mansion, you’ll have an opportunity to flirt with Fenris twice and boost your friendship score.

Above: Livin’ it up in Hightown

Act 2

- Fenris can be picky, so it is crucial not to flirt with anyone else during this act (it’s OK if you’ve done so during the previous act) and definitely avoid sleeping with Isabela if the opportunity presents itself. Doing either could negate any potential romance with Fenris.

- As soon as the second act begins you can take on the “Speak to Fenris” quest. This is just to get the ball rolling with Fenris, and will work to uncover the larger necessary companion quest called “A Bitter Pill.” To fully unlock that quest, put Fenris in your party and visit any of the areas in the Free Marches. This triggers a cutscene involving a slaver attack, and the quest you seek will be unlocked after the battle.

Gift #1 – A Slave’s Life (Act 2)

- If the slaver attack scene won’t trigger yet, you can bide your time by tracking down Fenris’s first gift. It is found in a sack at the Elven Alienage in Lowtown at night.

- During the “A Bitter Pill” quest, you’ll find a female elf in the Abandoned Slaver Den. Ask her to come work for you, but make sure to tell Fenris that you’ll pay her when he reacts harshly. This will add a hefty +15 to your friendship score.

- At the end of the quest you’ll face Hadriana. After the battle, make sure to give Fenris free reign over how the mage will be dealt with. When the choice appears, choose “We can still find her.”

- After the quest is completed, go back to your estate and Fenris will be waiting for you. This is an opportunity to flirt another couple of times, and even bypass the next step if you’re friendship score is high enough. If not, don’t worry: this conversation should put you up to the 50% friendship point needed for the “Questioning Beliefs” quest.

- If you’ve reached at least 50% friendship by now, you can take on the “Questioning Beliefs” quest. Flirt with him here, and he’ll visit you the next time you return home at night.

- No matter what choices you make, Fenris will never move in with you.

Act 3

- The first thing you should do is take on the “Talk to Fenris” quest. Immediately after that, Fenris’s Act 3 companion quest, “Alone,” will be available. During said quest, it may be obvious, but do not negotiate with Danarius and defend Fenris in any conversations that arise. When Fenris is standing over his sister, as shocking as it may seem, select “you deserve to die” to gain friendship points from your companion.

Gift #2– Blade of Mercy (Act 3)

- You can pick up the Blade of Mercy during the main plot quest “Better Served Cold.” It is found in a chest in the Secret Meeting Place.

- The next thing to do is complete the “Questioning Beliefs” quest with Fenris. It does not matter if you give him his second gift before or after this quest, as long as you do so before you take on the game’s final quest, “The Last Straw.”

- During “The Last Straw,” Fenris normally leaves your party if you side with the mages. However, if you’ve maxed out your friendship and given him the two gifts, he will be willing to stay no matter what you decide. Speak to Fenris in the Gallows Courtyard or Gallows Prison (depending on your end-game choices) to complete the romance.

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Race: Human
Class: Rogue
Specialization: Royal Archer
Role: Archer
Personality: Devoted, Faithful, Former Playboy

Sebastian is unique for a few reasons. For one, he’s only in the game if you’ve got “The Exiled Prince” DLC installed. Second, he’s the only romanceable character in the game that is exclusively heterosexual. Third, you can’t sleep with him no matter how much you two are in love. If you still find the pure-hearted prince desirable, then read on - we’ve got you covered.

Note: If you wish to pursue Sebastian all the way, you cannot flirt with any other character at any point in the game. Also, a complete romance with Sebastian will not garner you the romance achievement/trophy.

Act 1

To recruit Sebastian, you’ll need to start with the “Duty” quest. Initiate this by reading the notice posted on the Chanter’s board in Hightown, then complete the quest and return to the Chantry to speak to Sebastian.

Act 2

- Act 2 is where you can finally recruit Sebastian into your party. The quest you’ll need to take on is called “Repentance.” Go to the Chantry to speak to Sebastian.

Gift – Starkhaven Longbow (Act 2)

Above: During the “Repentance” quest make sure to pick this up off of a dead Flint Company mercenary inside the Harimann Estate.

- At the end of “Repentance,” you’ll come across a desire demon. Don’t bother going too deep into this conversation - select the “Die, fiend” option to get the biggest boost to your friendship score with Sebastian. When you speak to Sebastian in the Chantry at the end of the quest, make sure you suggest he “Listen to his heart” instead of “You must take back your land.”

- Since you picked up Sebastian’s gift during the last quest, you may as well speak to him while you’re in the Chantry and give it to him.

- During Anders’s companion quest “Dissent” you can get a healthy friendship boost with Sebastian if he’s in your party. Make sure to tell Anders to “calm down” after the battle with the Templars. While talking to the female mage afterwards, select the red fist dialogue option, then tell her to go back to the Circle. These actions should earn you at least +25 friendship points.

- If you’ve reached at least 50% friendship with Sebastian you can take on his “Questioning Beliefs” quest by visiting him at the Chantry. Unlike the other characters, he won’t visit you at your mansion no matter what, but you can flirt with him here to boost your friendship score.

Act 3

- The third and final companion quest required for a complete romance with Sebastian is called “Faith.” It should be available almost immediately after starting Act 3, and can be initiated by talking to Sebastian in the Chantry. This is a quick and easy quest that will earn you lots of friendship points if you still need them. You’ll also run into an old friend from Origins.

- “Questioning Beliefs” should now be available. At this point, assuming you’ve given Sebastian his gift, have 100% friendship, and have flirted previously, he will propose a chaste marriage. It is the final step, assuming you keep your friendship rating maxed out until the end of the game.

- During the game’s final mission (“The Last Straw”), you’ll have to execute Anders or Sebastian will leave permanently, even if you’ve been doing everything right up to this point. Speak to Sebastian at the Gallows Prison or Gallows Courtyard (depending on your end-game decisions) to complete the romance.

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