Dracula X Chronicles - interview

GR: All of the voiceovers for Symphony of the Night were redone for this version, correct?

KO: Yes, all the voiceovers for SotN were completely re-recorded, and they are much better. As a person who works in localization, I have to say that the original English voices were... physically painful. I hate saying anything discouraging about my own game, but... (laughs)

GR: But some fans actually have grown to like them. They have a campy charm.

KO: Well, I've been working with Igarashi for a long time on these localizations, from Circle of the Moon onwards. We took a look at the original SotN, and he and I came to the mutual agreement that we wanted to re-record the voices. So yes, you'll be getting a perfect version of Symphony of the Night, only this time minus the "all your base." (laughs) It's about making the game better.

GR: Finally, what sort of experience are you hoping those who have never played Rondo of Blood before ultimately come away with?

KO: Since the series has changed so much since then, hopefully it will foster an appreciation for what came before.Of course to appeal to new audiences we upgraded the game to 3D graphics, but kept the soul of the game intact. We hope western Castlevania series fans will be able to enjoy the new version of Rondo of Blood just as much as Japanese players loved the PC-Engine original years ago.