Download a Doctor Who script

Now here's a nice bit of free stuff. Head over to the BBC's "writers room" site (what, no apostrophe? Isn't that setting a bit of a bad example for writers?!) and you can download a PDF of the full shooting script for the first episode of season three. You'll need something like Acrobat Reader to look at it, mind.

It's interesting stuff. For one thing, it's good to finally know exactly how to spell Judoon-speak (it's "Bo! Kro! Fo! Do! No! Kro!") And we're loving the line describing Annalise as "dressed like a Big Brother eviction night".

Makes us wonder: have they given up on the idea of doing any more books of the Doctor Who scripts, like they did for season one? If you have, BBC peeps, could we have them on the DVD box set as extras, please? Ta muchly.