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Download of the Week: Swarm

Platform:360| Publisher:Ignition| Developer:Hothead Games|Price:1200MS | Size: 437.28MB required

Do you like to decimate small blue blobs in increasingly hee-larious ways?Then our Download of the Week will be right up your sadistic street.Swarmsees you takecontrol of a groupofswarmiteswho are desperate to save their race by collecting strands of DNA littered around each level.It'spart platformer, part Lemmingsas you lead the tribe around levels that are determined to end the bolbous blue beings forever.

Each stage is aminefield full of deathbringing spikes, pitfalls and explosions which you have to guide your group through - trying to make sure they all stay intact. The added need of keeping as many of them alive as you can is that certain areas require a set amount of swarmites to step on a switch to open a gate and the like. For 1200MS (around tenquid or fifteen dollars)Swarmwill have you hooked for hours. There's also a free trial if you're not convinced by the previous 151 words.

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25th March 2010