Download of the Week: Street Fighter IV Volt brings sublime online brawling to iPhone

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Alright, here's the thing. If you do have an iPhone but you don't have a 3DS, you simply have to buy Street Fighter IV: Volt. Simple as. Not only does it have three new characters (Balrog, Vega and Codybringing the roster up to an incredible 17 ), it's also fully playable online. 'Course, that does meanexisting SFIV owners willhave to buy it again for the privilege, but at least it's currently just £1.49, going up a dollar each day in the states (matched by the UK equivalent price tier) until it hits £4.99 on the 7th of July. So get on it quick!

Want more DLC? Check these out...

Steam Summer Sale | PC | Various
Online scrapathons aren't the only bargains to be had in the world of online downloadimables this week. The other big news is that Steam's massive summer sale is now on, full of incredible discounts. Like The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion: GOTY Edition for a minuscule £5.10. Also, kooky adventure The Maw is now selling for 75% off, at £2.24, which you really can't go wrong with. Our final pick of the crop is The Path which is now just £1.81, which Dave H says is a must-buy and that you should trust him on that.Intriguing...

Take a look round the Steam salehereif you fancy a bargain.

DiRT 3 | PS3/360 |Price: £6.29/800 MS Points
PS3 and Xbox 360 owners can now download six new rallytracks for DiRT 3, which are looking rather neat. A little steep on the pricing, perhaps, but for those who are still complaining there aren't enough rally stages, this one's for you.

Black Ops: Annihilation Pack | 360 | Price: 1200 MS Points
Call of Duty Black Ops' Annihilation Pack weighs in at a controversial 1200 MS Points (£10.28). Too much? For your money, you get four new multiplayer maps and a new zombie arena, but the combined cost of the game and all its DLC is skyrocketing now, so think hard.

Half-Minute Hero Super Mega Neo Climax | 360 | 800 MS Points
Half-Minute Hero finallymakes the leap from PSP to Thrixty - well worth checking out. It's a lightning-fast RPG that condenses the experience into 30 seconds, which you extend by playing skillfully. Hard to explain, easy to download. Do it.

Kirby's Dream Land | 3DS | £4.80
Game Boy classic Kirby's Dream Land is out now on 3DS' Virtual Console. These Game Boy conversions actually hold up pretty well,so take a look at the selection if you haven't taken the plunge yet.

Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare | PS3 | £4.79
Undead cowboys are good. Cheap undead cowboys are better. This is our pick from a massive PSN update (everyone's back on after the outage, it would seem), and you can trawl through ithereif you so fancy. But seriously, zombie cowboys.

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01 July, 2011