Double Dragon II 3D remake headed for XBLA

A modern remake of the classic Double Dragon II: The Revenge has been announced for XBLA. Titled Double Dragon II: Wander of the Dragons, it%26rsquo;s based on the game's original 1988 arcade incarnation, not the tweaked NES version. Barunson Interactive is handling the development and plans to release the game this September for 1,200 Microsoft points ($15).

The game follows Billy and Jimmy Lee on their quest to avenge the death of Billy's girlfriend using, but there a few differences this time around. The most notable change is the updated art style (which might put off some Double Dragon fans), along with a new combo system, and at least one new character %26mdash; Billy's (dead) girlfriend Marian is a playable female character who stars in the game's new tutorial mode %26mdash; plus the ability to attack enemies in a diagonal direction. There hasn't been any word if the remake will include online multiplayer or if it will be local play only, which is surprising in a game so suitable for co-op.

The first Double Dragon was once available forXBLA, but since its release it has been removed from the service. So in case you forgot what Double Dragon II used to look like, here's a sample:

Jul 27, 2011