Dota 2 now has a Gabe Newell announcer for your mega-kills: "Let me know about your rampage"


Valve is infamous for dropping out of contact with the outside world for months or years at a time, but with this new item for Dota 2, you can hear from its co-founder Gabe Newell whenever you like. Assuming you can pull off some sick kills in Dota 2, anyway. The Gabe Newell Mega-Kills announcer set is available for the game now as a new addition to The International 2018 Battle Pass - you don't even have to level up your pass to unlock it.

Note that this is a Mega-Kills Announcer pack, so non-death-and-dismemberment related announcements will not be affected. If you don't want to wait until you pull off every possible permutation of killing fools in Dota 2 to hear all of Newell's lines, you can also listen to the full set below. Unfortunately, it doesn't sound like it includes those fantastic vocal warm-ups from the beginning of the trailer video above (which I am definitely going to make my new ringtone).

"The entire team was an ass, and we won't be working with them again," is a very strong reference back to Valve sacking a commentator from the Dota 2 Shanghai majors back in 2016. However, the unequivocal best line out of the entire pack is one reserved for destroying the entire enemy team at once, that most fearsome and elusive of feats: "Please email me at and let me know about your rampage." With Gabe at your side, victory is all the sweeter.

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Connor Sheridan

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