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Doom's campaign will get a free score attack mode to make it even more bloodthirsty

In Doom, obliterating scads of shrieking demons with one long chain of glory kills is its own reward. But Id is planning to give players the hard numbers they crave to quantify and compare their slaying skills in a dedicated score attack mode, Doom director Marty Stratton told me at QuakeCon.

"I want the game to reward me in a way that it's recognizing how badass I'm playing", Stratton said. "And it's arcadey to begin with, so as we've started to present that to the player and call that stuff out, it actually works pretty well. So I'm excited about that.

"Leaderboards, ways to compete with friends, all that kind of stuff. We'll be talking a lot more about it down the road. It's kind of in its early-ish development. But I think it will be a very cool way for players to come back and play the campaign again, experience it again, and even again and again, as they shoot for the really good runs." Then he made finger guns at me and claimed he didn't do that pun on purpose, but I'm not sure I believe him.

Stratton said Id doesn't have a timetable for releasing the score attack mode, just "hopefully soon". Whenever it comes, it will arrive as a free update. As for DLC that could extend the much-lauded single-player campaign (the Season Pass is just for multiplayer expansions), Stratton said the studio doesn't have any plans "that we feel confident talking about." But hey, there's always Doom SnapMap.

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