Photos from scrapped Doom FMV are terrifying, just not in a good way

Sit down, friend, and I will tell you a tale. Once upon a time, the classic first-person shooter Doom was ported to the 3DO - one of the first CD-based home consoles. It did not go well. Developer Art Data Interactive hoped to expand and improve upon the PC version by including features such as full-motion video (FMV) sequences. Those plans were eventually scrapped, but several photos have since come to light, giving us a taste of what could have been.

Rebecca Heineman, a programmer on the port (who also released the 3DO version's source code in 2014) tweeted a few pictures from the photoshoot, much to the delight and communal cringing of fans. If it makes you feel any better for laughing at the pictures, Heineman herself puts things very plainly: "The FMV was PURE GARBAGE." As she recalls, the creators were making shoots up as they went along, with no script.

But hey, at least whoever was in charge decided there should be a love interest. Bethesda, take note for Doom 2016, ok? Maybe add "Rubber Demon" to your already impressive list of hellish monsters.

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Sam Prell

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