What is the Doom Eternal computer password? It's all to do with an old name from the past

 Doom Eternal computer password code
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If you know, you know, but if you're discovering the game on Xbox Game Pass then the Doom Eternal computer password will be something you find when you explore the Fortress of Doom. And immediately spend ages trying to work out. Fortunately there's not a hugely convoluted challenge to finding out what the code actually - you just need to know some really obscure Doom lore to unearth to know about an Easter egg computer pass word and unlock the computer. 

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What is the Doom Eternal computer password?

Doom Eternal computer password

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To access what's behind the Doom Eternal computer password you'll need to type in the code 'FLYNNTAGGART'. Which, for those not up on their Doom lore, is the name of Doom Guy in the old 1995 novels, and one of the many possible but unconfirmed names for the main character. Put that in the computer and you'll unlock Doom 2.  

doom eternal doom 2

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Once you've unlocked it you can play Doom in Doom or more specifically Doom 2 in Doom Eternal, which has to be some sort of Doom-ception. The other disk will unlock when you find all the Doom Eternal Cheat codes and give you the first Doom to play as well so you can double Doom-caption and triple Doom the hell out of hell. I've not actually played all the way through to see if it's both the full gamed but I'm going to say it is and that you have a lot of demons to kill if you want to finish all three. Or at least give the Slayer some downtime while he's waiting for all the blood to wash out probably everything he owns. 

(Image credit: Bethesda)
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