Donkey Kong game unveiled for Wii

DK Bongo Blast, originally intended to be a Bongo Controller-compatible game for GameCube, will launch later this year on Wii instead. According to The Wire, the latest issue of Japanese games magazine, Famitsu, has revealed that players will use the Wii Remote and Nunchuk to control DK as he rockets through sixteen courses within seven differing worlds.

Shaking the controllers makes DK accelerate on his rocket-powered barrels, and, strange as it may sound, steering is done by shaking one controller and not the other. You can also jump by raising both controllers.

It is not yet known if the game will be compatible with the GameCube Bongo Controllers, but we speculate that it won't.

Above: This shot from the GameCube version doesn'tindicateif we'll hear the DK rap in at least one level

The game will also feature a multiplayer mode for up to four players. No online gameplay was mentioned. Famitsu placed the Japanese release of Bongo Blast at June 28, but we haven't heard anything about a US release. We'll let you know soon.

April 19, 2007