Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze KONG Letter and Puzzle Piece locations guide

The Donkey Kong Country series has been a platforming staple since its beginnings on the SNES, and it didn't get that way by just asking players to complete some thorny obstacle courses. It's also packed with tons of collectibles across its many stages. If you've read our Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze review, you know the latest entry is no exception.

There are four KONG letters to find across each level in Tropical Freeze, but the trick is that you have to get them during one run - they reset each time you load the level. Several puzzle pieces can also be found in each level. These collectibles will unlock bonus levels and game art, respectively. Follow along to find them all!

Table of Contents: 

Lost Mangroves

Autumn Heights

Bright Savannah

Sea Breeze Cove

Juicy Jungle

Donkey Kong Island

Secret Seclusion