Donkey Kong as high art?


Have you got a short, long dog with self-esteem issues? It’ll be the envy of all the Chihuahuas and Hungarian vizslas if you kit it out in one of these stylish Nintendo outfits. Cheer up, puppy – you look great.

Desktop Mario Kart

Remote control Mario Kart has been done before, but this one sets a new standard. The karts have infrared sensors so they can shoot each other with whatever powerup item is lit up on the controller. Fire a red shell, watch your rival spin out on your kitchen floor. Amazing. Not cheap, though.

The geek thinker

Donkey Kong ponders his return to the Wii, as informed by Rodin. Sadly this is just Photoshop, not real life, but the same artist, Kordian Lewandowski, made a proper sculpture of a Michelangelo-inspired Peach and Mario a couple of years back, which you can see on his website. Perhaps he could do Peach as Venus de Milo next?

Tetris necklace

Most Tetris jewelry comes in the form of single blocks. This one is an entire clump of them, neatly slotted together to show that you actually know how to play.

Wrong chomp

You more we look, the more we see our strangely misprinted Wrong Chomp inflatable toy spreading its influence around the world. We can barely imagine what a Proper Chomp is supposed to look like now. Is it really that hard to draw? This is a keyring, by the way.


This might look like a joke, but since it comes from a company that makes Wii remote add-ons in the shape of full-size bowling balls and sniper rifles, we think it’s the real deal. Winner of the next race gets to use the inflato-kart controller, right?

Aug 9, 2010

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