Donkey Kong as high art?

As the wild, weird world of Nintendo rolls on, we’re still waiting for the first crafty stuff inspired by Kirby’s Epic Yarn. Surely that’s going to be the easiest thing ever. Ball of wool, a bit of felt, some stuff that sticks things to other things… done. In the meantime, let’s check out more of the funny, goofy, and downright pointless tributes to all things Nintendo by the fans that show a little too much love…

Mario cards

These are suitable for all sorts of games, and they come in three collectable editions featuring three different styles of Mario art. Available via importers and auction sites.

Heart piece shirt

Low on clothes? Here, take this – it will cover your modesty. Looks a bit like something a condemned man might have to wear before facing a firing squad. But cooler, obviously.

How to make a Mario cake

Here’s an interesting bit of time lapse photography that shows a cake’s progress from ragged bits of sculpted sponge to an amazing model of Mario. Don’t eat the head – we think it might have polystyrene inside.

Cuddly Yoshi monsters

Thanks to Mario Galaxy 2, Yoshi is relevant again. And thanks to knitting needles, wool and some sort of soft squishy stuffing, Yoshi is more adorable than he’s been since that movie with Dennis Hopper and Bob Hoskins.

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