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Doctor Who Week

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Doctor Who is back next Saturday with a new Doctor, a new companion, a new logo, a new title sequence, as new production team, and a new showrunner! Excited much? is celebrating with a week of all-new coverage, including all-new interviews exclusive to the site and fun features. It will all culminate on Saturday evening with our in-depth review of “Eleventh Hour” – that’ll be up on the site the minute the episode’s finished airing – and a special feature on the new Tardis interior (which we’d love to publish earlier but that'd spoil the fun of discovering what it looks like yourselves).

So bookmark this page a keep checking back to see what’s been added!

Doctor Who Week articles so far:

And so, that’s the end of Doctor Who week here on SFX, but that's not the end of our exclusive coverage. Every week now for the rest of the series we’ll have at least one exclusive interview per week, and sometimes more. Including, next week, more from our interview with director Adam Smith – because there was lots of spoilery material we really couldn’t publish before the first episode went out. So keep an eye on the site for more Doctor Who goodies. Exciting times, eh? GERONIMO!