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Doctor Who 7.09 Hide Spoiler-Free Preview

Random thoughts and spoiler-free clues about the next episode of Doctor Who

Doctor Who 7 .09 “Hide” spoiler-free preview.

It’s written by the man who penned “The Rings Of Akhaten”, but rest assured it’s much better.

It’s much more than a ghost story.

Be sure to close the curtains before you watch it.

Clara reveals the 11th most disgusting thing ever invented.

The Doctor does a new dance.

She never changes and she’s coming

"The music room is the heart of the house."

The writing’s on the wall.

Health and safety is on the Doctor’s mind this week .

Clara’s pants are so on fire.

"Toggle - nice noun; excellent verb."

The Doctor explains how the TARDIS is like a cat.

A familiar spacesuit and a famous catchphrase return.

We discover the only mystery worth solving.

There’s a twin dilemma.

The Doctor is afraid. And a Cole Porter fan, apparently.

Who, or what, is the one who knocks?

You don’t find out one character’s name until the credits.

“I do love a carrier pigeon.”

Time travel is a cheat sheet.

“Hide” airs on BBC One Saturday 20 April at 6.45pm.

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