Doctor Strange is back from the dead but Clea isn't happy in Strange #8

Strange #8 art
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It's been almost a year since Doctor Stephen Strange bit the bullet in the limited series The Death of Doctor Strange, only to be replaced by his ex, Clea, as both the Sorcerer Supreme and the star of the ongoing Strange title. But Stephen Strange has actually been in the title the whole time, secretly operating as the Harvestman, an agent of Death who acts as Death's Sorcerer Supreme. 

Now, Stephen Strange's identity as the Harvestman has been exposed. But rather than setting up a happy reunion for Strange and Clea, who has been trying to resurrect Strange, the circumstances of his return have Clea on edge, as seen in a new preview of interior pages from Strange #8 from writer Jed MacKay, artists Stefano Landini, Marcelo Ferreira, Roberto Poggi, and Java Tartaglia, and letterer Cory Petit.

In the pages, Stephen Strange is reunited with his best friend Wong, his ghostly dog Bats, and of course Clea - but the latter reunion isn't exactly joyous. As it turns out, because of Stephen Strange's status as the Harvestman, the Sorcerer Supreme of Death, he and Clea can't even physically touch - to say nothing of the conflict between Clea and Death that already has her on edge.

Check out the preview pages right here:

The Death of Doctor Strange established a murder mystery around the assassination of Stephen Strange, which wound up being the work of Kaecilius, the villain of the first Doctor Strange movie. 

Though Strange was believed dead and Clea took his place as Sorcerer Supreme, his status as the Harvestman has created a backdoor to resurrect him, which seems to be in the cards for 2023.

Strange #8 goes on sale November 30.

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