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Do you need Halo 3's newest maps?


At first glance, this map is very basic. It’s set in desert terrain and is almost symmetrical in that there is a red base at one end and a blue base directly mirroring it on the other end. The bases and surrounding structures closely resemble old Aztec-influenced pyramids. Warthogs, Choppers, and Mongooses are generously stationed in this map. However, Sandbox’s key feature is actually its definitive Forge canvas.

Sandbox’s wholly Forge-ready map is definitely a step out of the box for Bungie, offering three different levels of Forgey goodness. The first level is the deserty default level Sandbox is known as in basic matchmaking. Hilly sand dunes surround a tiled floor area with the mirroring bases on top of it. The second level is actually the underground level to this parched paradise, closed off with high-ceiling stone walls. This makes for an excellent arena for creating custom Grisball games, which we were luckily acquainted with during matchmaking. The last level is a massive, open grid dubbed the “sky bubble” that sits in the sky above the first level. It is accessible via teleporter in Forge and anything goes for Forge enthusiasts as this level allows limitless possibilities for level design.