The Division 2 open beta dates, how to preload, and everything you should know

The Division 2 beta just ended its private session, but the open beta is an invitation for everyone to check out post-apocalypse Washington, D.C. and see if you have what it takes to survive. Additional details are still on the way, but we know for certain that The Division 2 open beta will run from March 1 - 4 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. We're assuming it'll offer the same content as the private beta sessions, with the added possibility of changes based on player feedback from the previous test. With any luck, some of the bugs that intermittently caused The Division 2 beta crashing will be ironed out in time for the open beta test.

There will be a lot to check out during the weekend-long event at the start of March. Read on for more on how to play The Division 2 open beta and what's waiting for you inside.

The Division 2 open beta dates start March 1

If you're itching to check out The Division 2, there will be open beta access on whichever platform you choose - PC (via Uplay or Epic Games store), PS4, or Xbox One. A Uplay account is required to complete your registration on the game's official website.

The Division 2 open beta will kick off on Friday, March 1 and run until Monday, March 4, though exact start and end times are still forthcoming. We'll be sure to add them here once they've been officially announced.

The Division 2 beta missions and Dark Zone kick it off

We kept track of all the private beta missions, so you can safely assume these will resurface in the open beta. One of your The Division 2 beta missions will be to set up a base of operations in the post-apocalyptic White House. After that, you can travel around the eastern part of the map and level up to the beta cap of 7 while participating in the following activities:

  • Two main missions (Story, Normal, Hard difficulties)
  • Five side missions and further open-world activities
  • Three Dark Zone (PvP/PvE) areas to explore
  • Organized PvP Skirmish mode

The Division 2 beta endgame preview may return

After Private Beta players spent about a day with the set of activities listed above, they had the option to jump ahead and try out some The Division 2 beta endgame content. We're hoping that the option to play one Invaded mission will return for open beta players. Activating this mission will give you access to a Level 30 character and allow you to choose one of the three specializations: Survivalist, Sharpshooter, or Demolitionist. It's pretty cool that you'll be able to get a sneak preview of high-level content this early in the process, especially since the endgame is a big part of The Division 2.

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