Disturbia tops a second week at the US box office

Disturbia continued to top the US box office this weekend as crowds were clearly more eager to watch Shia LaBeouf spy on his neighbours than Anthony Hopkins try to get away with murder or Kate Beckinsale avoid being murdered. Disturbia is now home to a $40.6 million earnings account.

Still, Hopkins’ legal drama Fracture had the better opening of the three wide releases this week, snatching second place and $11.2 million in its launch weekend.

Vacancy, meanwhile – which finds Beckinsale and Luke Wilson as a couple trapped in a motel of death – had to settle for fourth, behind Blades Of Glory. The Will Ferrell comedy took in $7.8 million while the thriller snuck in just beneath it with $7.6 million.

At fifth place, Meet The Robinsons suddenly slipped sharply down, but still managed to drag in $7 million from family audiences. It’s now earned $82.2 million.

But the week’s big news was the arrival of Hot Fuzz in the US, with the cop comedy looking to outdo Shaun Of The Dead. Mission accomplished for top bobby Nicholas Angel, as Fuzz not only made $5.8 million (Shaun launched to $3.3 million), but it did so in only 825 cinemas, a mere 200 more than the zombie rom com arrived in back in 2004. And there was more good news for the team – the film posted the highest per-screen average of the week. Next week, US distributor Rogue Pictures plans to widen the release, Borat-style to 1,000 screens.

That put it ahead of Ice Cube’s Are We Done Yet, which slipped down to seventh, with a running total of $39.6 million. The week’s other wide release, In The Land Of Women, disappointed with $4.9 million at eighth.

Ninth place finds rapidly fading thriller Perfect Stranger, which has taken $18 million so far, while in 10th Wild Hogs finally prepares to take the back roads outside the top 10, but with $156 million in the bank, no one will complain. Well, except perhaps anyone older than eight who had to sit through it.

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