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Disabled gamer petitions EA to alter Dead Space 2 controls

A UK gamer is petitioning EA and Visceral Games to make Dead Space 2's controls completely customizable so that Isaac Clark's latest adventure can be enjoyed by players with disabilities like himself. At time of publishing, nearly 23,000 internetters have supported his cause.

Last month, Gareth (aka Capodecina) took to Overclockers UK to air his frustrations over his inability to map Dead Space 2's controls to the neck-up control scheme he has been using to play titles like Fallout: New Vegas, Crysis and DiRT 2.

Above: Gareth demonstrates his personalized control rig with Fallout: New Vegas

%26ldquo;It makes me so mad that game companies don't make their games [with] custom controls,%26rdquo; wrote Gareth, explaining, "Now I can't play this game, and I wasted %26pound;25.%26rdquo;

Currently, Gareth's online petition sits at slightly over 22,700 virtual signatures. EA or Visceral Games reps have yet to respond to his plight, but it's likely that the peitition has yet to cross their desks. Perhaps a few more signatures can fix that?

Feb 7, 2011

[Source: Overclockers UK via Eurogamer]

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