DIRT-y movie

Not to be confused with the latest Colin McRae game, DIRT - Origin of the Species is a third-person actioner that places you in the murky world of top-secret military installations, government cover-ups and mutants - and we've got the latest trailer, which you can see by hitting the Movies tab above.

Developed by Deep Silver (the team behind the decent RTS Rush for Berlin), the PS2 and PC game gets its curious title from its heroine, Dirt, a victim of military experimentation that has left her with telekinetic and temporal powers and a lot of unanswered questions.

Dirt must battle her way through mutant hordes in order to expose an evil government plan that threatens humanity. On the way, she will get help from her bear backpack - which, for some reason, can warn her if she's in danger and presumably can be used to carry things as well.

Featuring a mix of all-out action and puzzle-solving spread over 14 levels, DIRT is due to hit shelves Sept. 6.

August 1, 2006